Cervical Spine Stretcher

$67.83 Regular price $52.83
Cervical Spine Stretcher Cervical Spine Stretcher
Cervical Spine Stretcher Cervical Spine Stretcher

Cervical Spine Stretcher

$67.83 Regular price $52.83
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Get some relief from the discomfort of a neck injury with this well-designed cervical spine stretcher.

  • Breathable and comfortable materials
  • Deep-penetrating infrared warmth
  • Easy to wear
  • Adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit

Are you recovering from a neck strain or sprain? Perhaps your workout just wrenched your neck the wrong way? Get the relief that you need, with a cervical spine stretcher that can be adjusted to meet your needs. This stretcher device is made from durable materials that will ensure it lasts for years to come. The breathable materials are comfortable and soft against your skin so that you feel good when itโ€™s in place. Once the collar has been slipped on and adjusted with the Velcro straps, all you need to do is connect the power so that the soothing infrared warmth can get to work providing you a bit of relief from the discomfort that you are in.

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